How Are Your HVAC Habits Impacting Your Utility Bills?

No matter what the climate outside in Livermore, the temperature within your house influences how comfortable it will seem. Set it just right and your home will feel like a nice escape from it all. But if your HVAC system isn’t operating the way it should, you’ll recognize it. And it won’t be pleasant.

Brace yourself for an in-depth look at the manner you’re utilizing your heating and cooling equipment. It could make the difference between a solid system or a problematic performer. Complete this short quiz from Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning to figure out where you stand.

  1. Hotter days are not far away in Livermore. How do you get your AC ready?
    1. Swap out the HVAC filter and clean the vents. Then it’s good to go.
    2. Bring in the pros for a seasonal tune-up.
    3. Nothing at all. It will be fine.
  2. You’re having a party on a summer night, but the AC isn’t working. What’s your solution?
    1. Tell my visitors to bring cold beverages.
    2. Organize an emergency repair to get it operating before anyone arrives.
    3. Switch on my fans and pray for a cool breeze.
  3. Your current HVAC is losing steam. What happens when it’s time for an upgrade?
    1. Let my contractor to make the decision and fund it with a credit card.
    2. Save worries and bills by selecting a monthly home comfort subscription.
    3. Select the most costly system on the market in Livermore.
  4. When you get your next monthly electricity bill, what do you think you’ll discover?
    1. It will cost more. My HVAC costs have increased quite a bit.
    2. It will be close to the charges for the same month last year.
    3. I won’t know until I read it. Some of them aren’t bad, but others are shocking.
  5. Your HVAC system is making a funny noise. What do you do?
    1. Dig out my toolbox and devote a weekend struggling to fix it.
    2. Schedule a qualified technician to take a look.
    3. Ignore it and hope it goes away.

Get ready to check your results. If you selected mostly Bs, your heating and cooling tendencies are on the money. You’re taking care of your equipment and you have a plan for the future. But if you responded to any of these questions with As or Cs, you should make a few changes to help your equipment perform better. Keep reading to discover how.


New HVAC Habits to Help Out Your Wallet

Book Seasonal Maintenance While changing your air filter and dusting your vents are important tasks to help out your machinery for a new season, a professional maintenance visit is critical to finish the process. During a routine visit, your professional technician will complete a series of tasks that boost the energy efficiency professional will keep an eye out for more severe issues for your HVAC. That could save you a pricey breakdown later down the road.

Find a home comfort company that offers emergency repairs. Even precisely maintained HVAC systems can have complications occasionally. And it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times. A company with 24/7 emergency service can fix the headache and distress. The Service Experts Advantage Program gives that critical service to homeowners at no additional cost.

Have a plan for your HVAC system upgrade. Some home comfort systems can function for 10 to 15 years, but they won’t last forever. Create a plan now to bypass last-minute pressure when your machine takes its ultimate bow. The Service Experts Advantage Program™ can be useful. It gives you a new high-efficiency HVAC system with no up-front charges. As an added bonus, the program also offers free maintenance and repairs.

Keep track of your monthly energy costs and call us when they dramatically change. Your electricity bills can tell you more than your monthly charges. If you’re noticing a regular escalation in your bills but no variation in home comfort, something is probably happening with your system. A new high-efficiency system can offer you peace of mind with more constant energy usage—and that means fewer shocks on your bill.

Take action when you hear a strange noise from your HVAC system. That noise is more than bothersome. It is telling you something is off with your equipment. Even if it’s a relatively small trouble, left alone it could make for a costly repair in the future. Don’t try to work on it yourself. Leave it to the Experts to check out and repair it.

Your heating and cooling system can cost you quite a bit when you don’t treat it right. If you use these tips, you could save time, extra costs and annoyance. And if your equipment just isn’t helping anymore, contemplate installing one through the Service Experts Advantage Program. It can help you get an updated energy-efficient system with no up-front costs and free maintenance and repairs.

To learn more, give us a call or book an appointment online. We’re happy to help!

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